© 2017 by Andy Lefton

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3D | VFX | Film maker

With a more "tongue in cheek" approach, I decided to play with a bit more humor with this short film. Like my previous animated short film Two Worlds, I've had this idea brewing in my head for many years. This website will help as a platform to host the ideas and production behind the film, as well as my blog. 

With the teaser being finished, I would like to thank Lister Rossel and Jeff Butta for all the help in bringing the audio to life with this project. I will be working my day job as a 3D/VFX artist and will be dedicating my free time to the production of Fat Chance and ultimately hope to have the film complete around spring of 2018. 


Created by Andy Lefton


Composer Jeff Butta

Sound Design by Lister Rossel